Milk Thistle

milk thistle

Key Studies on Milk Thistle

  • Silymarin is a bioflavonoid complex extract derived from dry seeds of Milk thistle
  • Low toxicity, favorable pharmacokinetics, powerful antioxidant, detoxifying, preventive, protective and regenerative effects and side effects similar to placebo make silymarin extremely attractive and safe for therapeutic use.
  • Milk thistle represents a good source of bioactive compounds, especially phenolic acids and flavonoids. Thus Milk thistles can act as a good source of anti-oxidants and also regulate anti-inflammatory mechanisms. (R1)


  • R1. Pereira, C.; Barros, L.; Carvalho, A. M.; Santos-Buelga, C.; Ferreira, I. C., Infusions of artichoke and milk thistle represent a good source of phenolic acids and flavonoids. Food & function 2015, 6 (1), 56-62.