Chronic Fatigue Symptoms
for 6 months or longer?

CFS/ ME or Fibro Sufferers

Prolonged Stress/  Trauma?

Aging (50+)

  • Poor sleep quality: you can’t seem to get a good night sleep – it takes you hours to fall asleep, insomnia, can’t sleep through the night, sleep that does not feel refreshing. You just don't feel well-rested!​​)
  • Chronic Fatigue  (low energy  or  tired all the time) – tiredness that CANNOT be relieved by rest. This includes daytime sleepiness. You generally feel a bit better at night, it is like your body clock is completely out of whacks
  • Leaky Gut Symptoms – Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) such as: chronic diarrhoea, sensitivities to food ingredients (such as gluten & dairy)
  • Depression or Cognitive Decline Symptoms – such as: brain fog, low motivation, difficulty concentrating, CAN’T  focus, or struggling to be productive at work, short-term memory problems or “senior moments” which can be extremely embarrassing when trying to keep up a conversation!
And Maybe:
  • Anxiety symptoms - you have the tendency to think too much especially at night, you're worried about thoughts about the past and the future,  nervous/ sweaty palms & frequently out of breath.
  • Fibromyalgia Symptoms: back, right shoulder blade pain, pain across different tender points.

If you answer “YES” to these symptoms, please read this article. We promise it will worth your while. This article will explain to you what you can do to take charge of  your own health & get your life back on track.

If you're unsure,  take Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Quiz

What to do When You Suffer from Chronic Fatigue?

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1. Eat Well

2. Exercise Lightly

3. Good Quality Sleep

4. Supplement Wisely 

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